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MicroShield360 Partners with Aviation Brands to Provide Around the Clock Surface Protection

The aviation industry, both commercial and private, has had a difficult 2020 because of the fallout from COVID 19. This has continued into 2021 but the market has certainly began moving towards its “new normal.” Commercial travel restrictions across the globe have hampered revenues while negatively effecting consumer confidence in comfort and safety as it relates to air travel. The question on everyone’s minds is how do we restore confidence in the aviation industry to get back lost (READ MORE)

How Does MicroShield360 fit into CDC Disinfection Protocols?

It’s no surprise that businesses and institutions are turning to the CDC for guidance on how they should properly protect their facilities during this global pandemic. It’s certainly at the forefront of every business owner or custodian’s mind. What makes the situation more difficult is the inability to know who is coming into a location that may be sick and what they’re interacting with. How do you properly clean and disinfect surfaces during normal operation? How can you provide top level clea …(READ MORE)

Antimicrobial Coating and Increased Employee Confidence

As vaccines roll out across the globe, businesses are eager to move forward in a post-pandemic world. But so much has changed that many can’t simply return to business as usual. Therefore it’s important for business leaders to reimagine work and the workforce. (READ MORE)